703 Compton Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
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Our missionWe empower people with the skills to cope and adapt when life takes a difficult turn.~We focus on the "person in the middle," our members.~Our programs focus on physical, emotional, and financial well-being.~We offer professionally-facilitated group programs, allowing members to create and active their own "new normal."~Our center is a welcoming place designed to make our members feel at home.
Health, Life Skills, Senior Services, Social Justice & Equality

Journey to Hope

About usJourney to Hope, Inc. is a Nonprofit Corporation organized under the laws of the State of Ohio for the purposes of promoting health, positive relationships, and support for life’s transitions through a variety of programming including support groups, coaching groups, seminars and workshops.

Board Member – Technology

Desired skills: Data Analysis, Engineering, Multimedia, Web Design, Web Development, Information Technology*

Board Member – Fundraising

Desired skills: Grants, Fundraising*

Board Member

Desired skills: Accounting

Committee Member – Fundraising

Desired skills: Grants, Fundraising*