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Board Member

Our board
PositionWe are a newer and rapidly growing nonprofit with a 5-member board consisting mostly of the organization's directors and officers.  We are intentionally taking steps toward board growth and diversification and seeking individuals who can fill knowledge/experience gaps within our current board, especially in the areas of business and grant funding.
Desired skills
Board, Business Development, Grants, Legal
WhenOnce/month on Wednesday or Thursday nights
WhereOnline Web-based Video meetings
Commitment5 to 7 hours/month
DonationWe strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
RequirementsWe meet monthly for 2 hour board meetings and ask that our board members be prepared to commit additional hours up to 5 hours a month for specific board-related tasks.
On-boardingNew board members will meet with key members prior to the first board meeting for thorough introductions and onboarding information.
Additional InfoChild Life Disaster Relief consists of a growing membership of 1,000+ professional child life specialists from around the country seeking to use their clinical skills to help children cope after national and man-made disasters.  We work through partnerships to provide our membership with opportunities for deployments.  We provide professional expertise to our partners who previously relied only on individuals with minimal training to provide services for children after disaster.  Our vision is to develop a coordinated and global network to ensure that children in disasters and crises have the tools and support needed to promote positive coping and resilience.
Our missionTo integrate child life professionals expertise through partnering with global organizations to empower and support children in disaster and crisis. Through the utilization of play and therapeutic activities, child life specialists promote coping and resilience. Components of education, expertise, research, materials, and interventions will ensure safe, respectful and effective support.
Children, Disaster Relief