1662 Blue Rock St, Cincinnati, OH 45223, Usa
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Our missionThe mission of Adventure Crew is to open the doors of nature for city teens to strengthen their connection with self and others and create the next generation of healthy outdoor enthusiasts and environmental stewards.
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Adventure Crew

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About usHere, the hard edges of city life meet the grit of the outdoors. We believe adventure is riding a bike for the first time, or feeling mud shift under your boots, or falling over your skis. Nowhere else can you find this precise mixture of adrenaline and peace. Through Adventure Crew, city teens develop the courageous spirit to step out of their conform zone and discover new worlds - outside in nature, and inside themselves. This deep connection to nature will change the course of their lives, no matter what environment they're in. Learning shouldn't be confined to the classroom. There are great adventures to be had.