Board Treasurer
Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center

215 E. 14th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
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Board Treasurer

Our boardThe IJPC board is a working board of 11-15 people, that meet every other month as a full board with committee meetings on off months. Officer roles include board chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary. Committees include finance, development, and governance. Board leaders receive updates from IJPC on the regular mailing list, are encouraged to participate in programming events, and are encouraged to help with visioning and strategic planning.
PositionThe board treasurer oversees the finances of IJPC and serves as chair of the finance committee. Treasurer utilizes their background in accounting and finance to oversee the financial reporting, including preparation of annual tax documents.  Should be comfortable and confident in providing overall guidance in the area of financial planning and sustainability.
Desired skills
Business Development, Data Analysis, Fundraising, Accounting*, Board*, Finance*
WhenEvery other month, the third Thursday of the month from 4-6 PM
WhereIJPC office - 215 E. 14th Street Cincinnati, OH 45202
Commitment1 to 3 hours/month
DonationWe strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
RequirementsBoard leaders are asked to agree and commit to the following responsibilities: 1.Understand and advocate for IJPC’s purpose, vision, mission, goals, policies, programs, services, strengths, needs, organizational structure and staff. 2.Attend at least 80% of Board and Committee meetings (to which I am assigned), including advanced reading/understanding of background materials, financials and agenda. 3.Make a personal financial investment at a level that is meaningful to me. 4.Bring/encourage/influence external resources within my spheres of influence to contribute human and financial resources to IJPC. 5.Attend IJPC fund raising and programmatic events during the calendar year. 6.Act in the best interests of IJPC, and excuse myself from discussions or activities where I have a real or perceived conflict of interest. 7.Serve as a contributing leader or member of at least one Board committee. 8.Act as a resource or adviser to the IJPC Coordinator and/or members of the Staff, partnering toward achievement of IJPC’s goals.
On-boardingInterested individuals are encouraged to meet with the executive director and a current IJPC Board leader to assess qualifications and fit. Ideally someone would first be involved in a program or board committee. A candidate would meet with the Executive Director, the governance committee would nominate them to the board and a vote would be taken at a board meeting to approve the new member. The new member would attend the following board meeting as their first meeting.
Our missionTo imagine, practice and promote a Nonviolent Greater Cincinnati by working toward solidarity with individuals and organizations to dismantle structures of violence.
Social Justice & Equality