Board Treasurer

Motherless Daughters Ministry

8352 Park Place, West Chester, Ohio 45069
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Board Treasurer

Our boardOur Board of Directors is a group of passionate volunteers dedicated to serving women who are motherless. We are a working board. The current structure of the board consists of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and other board members responsible for various functions in the ministry. it is an exciting time for the ministry. Our growth has demanded that we serve our customers in new and innovative ways. The operational word is transitions!The board of Motherless Daughters Ministry is responsible for overseeing the mission and purpose of the organization. Its duties include participation in strategic planning and making policy decisions; securing financing for these decisions and monitoring their execution.
PositionTREASURER: A Voting Board Member who oversees the fiscal aspect of the ministry. In addition to the general responsibilities of all board members, the treasurer responsibilities include the following. Many of these tasks require oversight.  Areas will report directly to the treasurer.
  1. Financial management and oversight (ongoing)
  2. Reports (monthly)
  3. Donor Management (annually)
  4. Budget (annually)
  5. Federal and State of Ohio Reporting (Annually)
  6. Employee and Contractual Staff (quarterly)
  7. Recruits the next Treasurer (bi-annually)
Leads the Financial Committee. 
Desired skills
Accounting*, Board*, Finance*
When2nd Saturday of each month
WhereMonthly meetings through video conferencing. Board planning retreat in January of each year.
Commitment3 to 5 hours/month
DonationWe strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
RequirementsMembers must be willing to attend the requisite meetings, follow through on commitments, and participate fully in the decision-making process. The board also presents the organization’s image to the community and solicits its support in achieving the goals. We expect our board members to commit to a 2-year term with consecutive terms permissible according to the bylaws, attend and be active in scheduled Board meetings (in person, via phone or video conferencing). Lead at least one team in the ministry. Assist in selecting new board members and onboarding, new board members. Actively participate in annual Board self-evaluation.
On-boardingEach new candidate is interviewed, then presented to the board as a candidate. They will meet with the Executive Director or Board Chair to review the onboarding checklist (History/ Background, Who we serve, What we do, How we are financed, Organizational Structure, Mission, Creed, Core Values, Vision, Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, Budget, Financial, Board Policies, Minutes from the last year, Financial report, Annual report, Current strategic plan, Goals for next year, Current board members, Special meeting, Meeting attendance, Commitment of time, Meeting Calendar, Communications, Board Meetings, Committees and possible liaisons, Board Role, Liabilities and Insurance, Fundraising and financial commitment to the organization, Media, Role in the community, Occasional task forces and special project teams.
Additional InfoREQUIREMENTS:
  1. Financial knowledge of the organization
  2. Personal commitment to devote the time necessary to perform the responsibilities of Treasurer.
  3. Understanding of financial accounting for nonprofit organizations.
Our missionThe Motherless Daughters Ministry is a Christian organization dedicated to serving women who have lost or missed the nurturing care of a mother.
Poverty, Social Justice & Equality