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Board Member – Volunteer/Outreach

Our boardThe board is being revitalized and reinvisioned in order to bring greater growth and impact for the organization. The board provides governance and direction, and will meet quarterly to review the strategic plan, provide financial oversight and to keep the organization on track for growth and impact. Each board member is also expected to head one of the growth committees - fundraising, corporate sponsorships, marketing, community development or sustainability.
PositionThis board member will head the community development growth committee.  They will seek out qualified volunteers to be on the committee and, in conjunction with the program director, seek communities who would be interested in developing their teams of volunteers working with youth. The will also advocate for the volunteer, and will help create policies and procedures that help engage volunteers to their highest levels of contribution.
Desired skills
Branding, Communications*, Digital Marketing, Human Resources, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media
Where2232 Stratford Ave. Cincinnati OH 45219
Commitment3 to 5 hours/month
DonationWe strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
RequirementsAttend quarterly meetings Head one of the growth committees Participate actively
On-boardingMeeting with the Executive Director and Board chair to review organization values and principles, as well as to assess the strengths and interests of the new board member
Our missionTo assist communities in developing increased capacity to establish and maintain effective youth development programs based on mentorship and positive character development.
Children, Education, Social Justice & Equality