Board Member – Governance
GLAD House

1994 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45208
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Board Member – Governance

Our boardBoard members of charitable organizations have fiduciary obligations to ensure that the mission of the organization is honored and that resources of the group are used wisely in support of that purpose. Board members bring new ideas into organizations, provide oversight and guidance on mission and objectives, and help a successful group remain relevant and healthy.
PositionOversee compliance with our regulatory requirements, Ethical Practices standards and governance requirements for non-profit corporations.
Desired skills
Communications, Legal*, Strategy Consulting
When4th Tuesday of the month
WhereCincinnati Children's Hospital
Commitment1 to 3 hours/month
DonationWe strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
RequirementsBoard responsibilities center on paying attention, being good stewards, and acting in the best interest of the organization. Board members are guardians of the trust, serving on behalf of the community, regardless of personal interests. GLAD House Board Member Responsibilities: 1. Determine the Mission, Vision and Goals of GLAD House. 2. Select and support the Executive Director and review his or her performance no less than annually. Ensure effective organizational and strategic planning. 3. Support GLAD House financially. 4. Ensure adequate resources and manage resources effectively. 5. Determine and monitor GLAD House programs. 6. Enhance GLAD House’s public image. 7. Assess own performance as a board no less than annually. 8. Attend board meetings regularly. In the event a Director has three or more unexcused absences during a calendar year, the Governance Committee will review the matter and consider whether removal from the Board of Directors is warranted. 9. Participate on at least one board committee per the Director’s choice. 10. Ensure GLAD House is in compliance with its Code of Regulations and the requirements of funders and accrediting bodies. This includes the ability to complete a successful financial annual audit. 11. Sign and comply with the GLAD House Conflict of Interest policy.
On-boardingPrior to joining the GLAD House Board a potential candidate will meet with Governance Committee members to assess if candidate is a good fit for the agency board and to ensure he/she understands the mission of the agency and basic requirements of being a board member (i.e. attendance, committee membership, etc.). The potential board member will also receive a tour GLAD House.Once approved by the Board of Directors, new board members will be provided a board manual and board orientation before candidate’s first board meeting. Board orientation includes reviewing and signing of the agency Conflict of Interest, Confidentiality Agreement, Code of Conduct, volunteer handbook, and Harassment policies.
Our missionThe mission of GLAD House is to improve the lives of children and their families by breaking the cycle of addiction.
Children, Health, Poverty