Board Member – Fundraising
UG Academy of Cinematic Arts

P.o. Box 43164, Madeira, OH 45243
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Board Member – Fundraising

Our boardThe board is a working board. It's purpose is to help support and grow the nonprofit.
PositionWe are looking for a board member who has expertise in fundraising and strong community connections/networks to help with corporate sponsorships, grants, donations, etc.
Desired skills
Grants, Fundraising*
WhereFairfield, OH
Commitment3 to 5 hours/month
DonationWe require a specific amount of “give or get” for all board members.
RequirementsAttendance at monthly meetings Attendance at all events Committee service
On-boardingMeet with Executive Director and/or other board members. Shadow a meeting
Our missionOur mission is to educate students in the cinematic arts, empowering them to contribute to and effect change in a world where moving images have the potential to change lives.
Children, Education