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Board Member – Fundraising

Our boardWe currently have 6 members on our board. The board has been acting in an advisory mode but plans are in process to change this to a working board.
PositionThe board member responsible for fundraising oversees the organization’s fundraising plan and engages all board members in fundraising activities. The board member has strong community connections and networks, access and knowledge about individual, corporate and foundation resources, good people skills and an engaging personality and is comfortable talking about money and finances.
Desired skills
Communications, Event Management, Fundraising*, Grants, Marketing, Social Media, Board*
WhenOur board attempts to meet the first Tuesday evening of each month.
WhereIn Clifton
Commitment5 to 7 hours/month
DonationWe strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
RequirementsBoard members must live in the southwest Ohio area and be willing to attend the majority of monthly board meetings and a willingness to support Heartfelt Tidbits.
On-boardingThe person will have a 1 hour meeting with the founder and executive director. After this if the participant continues to move forward, they would provide a resume and attend a board meeting. The next step would be for the board to approve the individual to join the board.
Our missionOur focus is providing our newest neighbors with the "long welcome."
Education, Health, Life Skills, Poverty, Social Justice & Equality