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Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center

2727 Woodburn Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
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Board Member

Our boardManifest's expanding board of 10-13 people is comprised of primarily non-artist business professionals from the greater Cincinnati region representing a very wide array of expertise. The culture of Manifest's board is clearly defined as separate from programming and staff-based vision and work, serving primarily as an oversight, long-term planning, advisory, and promotional body working in excellent concert with the organization's small staff.
Position[FACILITIES—OUR ARCHITECTURE]— With the long term sustainability of Manifest as a key board focus the Facilities Committee of the Board is charged with short and long-term planning efforts to successfully transition into a permanent facility for the organization. Board candidates with strong experience and skills in Architecture, Property Development, Planning, Real Estate, Interior Design, Engineering or Facilities Management are needed to help secure Manifest's drive into its third decade as a *permanent* Cincinnati institution. Board Members on the Facilities Committee are charged with understanding the programming and mission's requirements for operations and help navigate these unique requirements for staff, board, and non-board supporters.
Desired skills
Engineering, Facilities*, Project Management
WhenTypically on the third Thursday of every month from noon to 1:30pm. Committees meet as needed.
WhereTypically at the Manifest Drawing Center in Walnut Hills. Remotely via Zoom of late.
Commitment5 to 7 hours/month
DonationWe strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
RequirementsBoard members are expected to attend monthly meetings, serve on committees for special initiatives or routine efforts, attend organization's events, promote exposure of the organization's programs and mission, support fundraising, and be contributing supporters of the Manifest Annual Fund.
On-boardingNew candidates for Manifest's board typically meet with Executive Director, Board President, and shadow at least one meeting before being appointed to the board. Members serve three year renewable terms once appointed.
Additional InfoManifest is seeking to solidify and expand its board with enthusiastic and committed individuals representing a caring perspective about the higher level role of Visual Arts in society. With the imminent expiration of the organization's long-term original home and headquarters lease on Woodburn Avenue, and an uncertain horizon for the newly obtained Drawing Center facility lease in Walnut Hills, Manifest is experiencing a convergence of its maturation as a Cincinnati institution with a growing and urgent need to plan for a phased transition into a permanent home in the next three years. (All leases will expire in that timeframe.) The Manifest board has the need for both gumption-oriented individuals who 'get' the unique ethos of the organization, as well as a need for unique and hard-to-identify talents, interests, and qualifications. It is the nature of the organization to be crafted like a great work of art, from scratch, by hand, and with no preexisting recipe or formula. This is part of what has set Manifest apart and earned it a notable national reputation. It follows that a good board match will fit with that entrepreneurial spirit, combining common sense and reason with creativity and vision. Therefore the Board Position's areas of experience listed here should not be seen as absolute. Often the most exceptional candidates represent a hybrid of skills and interests.
Our missionManifest’s mission is to stand for quality in the visual arts, as well as the importance of creative research, meaningful and accessible art-based experiences for the public, deep learning outside academia, and the rigorous documentation of exceptional art for posterity.
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