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Board Member

Our boardOur Board would be considered a traditional "governance" Board, working with our executive management team to set the longer-term strategy, assess risks to the organization, provide fiduciary oversight, develop strong community ties, and support the fundraising efforts of our development department (this can be done in a variety of ways). We currently have 22 members on our Lighthouse Board. We also have 2 separate 501(c)(3) subsidiary corporations that have additional board members – some overlapping but some unique. This is our New Life Properties, Inc. board which handles all of our real estate needs and capital expenditure budget, as well as our Lighthouse Beacon For Youth Foundation, Inc. board which oversees our endowment, investment policy, and other development related activities. We also have several committees. So all told we have likely 40 individuals serving Lighthouse as either a board or committee member.
PositionLighthouse is seeking board members with certain unique skills detailed in specific posts. We are also interested in unique backgrounds including people with “lived experience.” It is a requirement in our bylaws to have at least one board member who experienced homelessness as a youth or young adult. The candidate did not have to receive services from Lighthouse or even in Cincinnati – just a documented experience in the homelessness system.
Desired skills
WhenLighthouse Board meets typically the 3rd Wednesday of every other month (January and the odd numbered months) at 6:00 PM for dinner and the board meeting which lasts 90 minutes. Our subsidiary boards and committees typically meet at lunchtime on a quarterly basis.
WhereWith rare exception, meetings are held here at our Lighthouse headquarters building on East McMillan in Walnut Hills
Commitment3 to 5 hours/month
DonationWe strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
RequirementsBoard members are expected to attend at least half of all Board meetings during the year. There are typically 6. Board members are also encouraged to join at least one committee (or subsidiary Board) and make those meetings. Committees and subsidiary boards typically meet quarterly.Board members are expected to support the organization at a level comfortable for them. We seek 100% participation in our annual giving but that can definitely be at a level comfortable for each individual member. We also ask board members to help us open doors with contacts in the community and generally be ambassadors for Lighthouse.We have a brief document entitled "Commitment to Serve" which details the full set of expectations. I'm happy to share that with any interested candidate.
On-boardingNew board members are assigned a board Mentor to help them with onboarding issues and answer questions they might not be comfortable asking in front of the larger group. We also do a new board member orientation, offering that in April and October if we have new members. There is a formal board manual that we keep updated every 6 months to ensure relevance.
Our missionThe mission of Lighthouse Youth & Family Services is to empower young people and families to succeed through a continuum of care that promotes healing and growth.
Children, Education, Life Skills