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Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services

1501 Madison Road Cincinnati, OH 45206
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Board Member

Our boardThe board is the “legal owner” of GCBHS, and therefore is fully responsible for the organization, making sure it acts ethically, effectively, and responsibly within the laws that govern its activities. The board determines the core values, mission and vision, with staff involvement, and provides bylaws in keeping with the charter of GCBHS. The Board sets the ethical standards for the organization and directs the major transitions that may occur in the life of GCBHS. The Board develops a strategic plan with staff involvement, and periodically reviews programs, services, etc. to assure consistency with the mission, vision, and the plan. The Board provides adequate financial resources and assurance of their effective use in accomplishing the mission. The Board approves the budget and reviews financial statements and audit reports to make sure that GCBHS remains financially healthy and can continue to grow. The Board maintains a positive and constructive relationship between itself, volunteers, staff and the community.
PositionIndividual Board Member ResponsibilitiesUphold the legally-required duties of Obedience, Care, and Loyalty. Obedience to GCBHS’ central purpose must guide all decisions (this can also be said to be commitment to the organization). Members must exercise due care in all dealings with the organization and its interest; this includes careful oversight of financial matters and reading of minutes, attention to issues that are of concern to GCBHS and raising questions whenever there is something that seems unclear or questionable. Loyalty means that conflicts of interest, including even appearances of such, must be avoided. This includes personal conflicts of interest or conflicts with other organizations with which a member may be connected.Attend meetings regularly - suggest agenda items to ensure important items are addressed.Keep informed and fully participate in the Board decision-making processes.Comply with all of the organization’s policies.Act ethically and with high moral standards in all activities.Make a financial contribution commensurate with ability and interest.Be an advocate and good-will ambassador for the organization - suggest new board members.Participate in the organization fund-raising efforts.Use expertise and community contacts on behalf of the organization.Avoid conflicts of interest, and disclose them in accordance with the policies.Permit no self-dealing or any conduct of private business or personal services between any member and the organization that would result in preferential treatment.Participate in discussions openly, civilly, and with respect for differing opinions.Participate on and perhaps chair a committee - be willing to lead where appropriate.Ask timely and substantive questions.Hold themselves accountable for the organization’s effectiveness and results.Hold confidential information confidential.Serve as a mentor for other board members and for members of the staff and volunteers.Periodically evaluate personal effectiveness as a board member.
Desired skills
Accounting, Business Development, Diversity/Inclusion, Finance, Fundraising, Human Resources, Legal, Management, Marketing
When2nd Tuesday of each month excluding March, July, November, December
Where1501 Madison Road, Cinti Ohio 45206
Commitment1 to 3 hours/month
DonationWe strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
RequirementsBoard members are willing to attract new members as needed. They will take part in fundraising either directly or through other means including events and campaigns. Board members take an active role in assuring the financial stability of GCBHS including possible participation on the Finance Committee, review of audit reports and review of budget. The board provides constructive input on programs and GCBHS services and is willing to promote GCBHS to the greater community.
On-boardingNew directors will receive orientation via the Nominating Committee about the organization and the expectations in their role. New Directors will also be assigned a mentor during their first 6 months of service to ensure a full understanding of the organization and to facilitate prompt engagement in Board activities. Mentor will review director responsibilities, share knowledge about GCBHS and their personal experiences with GCBHS board service, discuss strengths and areas of interest for purposes of Board involvement and answer questions and address concerns.
Additional InfoMISSION, VISION, VALUESMISSION: To ensure people with mental illness, addiction, and related challenges lead healthy and productive livesVISION:  GCBHS is a national leader in improving the mental and physical health of people throughout our ever-expanding community.CORE VALUES:  People - We value and respect the people we serve, our employees, and our partners; we work jointly with the people we serve, instilling dignity, responsibility, and self-respect; we invest in our talented employees recognizing they are our greatest asset; we value our partners' strengths, expertise, and competence.Integrity - We are always honest and do what is in the best interest of each person we serve; we honor our fiduciary, ethical and moral obligations and are accountable to our funders, donors, and those we serve .Quality - We strive for the best quality outcomes and employ evidence-based practices to guide our services.Leadership - We envision new ways and lead new partnerships to attain better outcomes; we embrace change.Hope - We serve people while instilling a spirit of hope; we believe all people have dreams and a desire to make positive changes.Collaboration - We connect and mobilize community resources to attain common goals; together we can do more.Diversity - We believe people are unique; we respect and embrace the diverse cultural backgrounds, values, and perspectives of our employees, our partners, and the people we serve.
Our mission