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Board Member

Our boardOur board brings together diverse talents from numerous industries across Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, all working together to inspire individual and community transformation through achievement, belonging and relationships.The Board of Directors is an informed and working group of business, professional and civic leaders. In addition to determining policy for the Association, the Board of Directors plays an active part in developing organizational goals and helping achieve objectives. They interpret the YMCA to the community, raise funds, enlist additional leadership, represent the YMCA in important relationships and are continuously at work to help make the organization function effectively.The Board of Directors is the primary and legal authority of the Association, deriving its power from the Code of Regulations under the laws of the State. All other boards, committees, councils and task forces receive their authority from the Board of Directors. The Board serves as trustee for all properties and funds of the YMCA.
PositionQualifications Board members should be chosen for their individual standing and should possess demonstrated or potential qualities of leadership. A YMCA corporate board member is a fiduciary for the organization. (A fiduciary is an individual, corporation, or association having duty to act for another’s benefit in a specified area of responsibility.) As such, each board member is responsible for using his or her best judgment in conduction the affairs of the YMCA. This includes attending meetings, being well informed of policy matters, and assuring that the Y is fiscally well managed. Should the YMCA face fiscal or other managerial challenges, the board is the entity, which is legally responsible.
Desired skills
Accounting, Board, Business Development, Communications, Data Analysis, Diversity/Inclusion, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Facilities, Finance, Fundraising, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Strategy Consulting
WhenThursday at noon
WhereMetropolitan Club for Association Board
Commitment1 to 3 hours/month
DonationWe require a specific amount of “give or get” for all board members.
RequirementsThe most desirable qualifications for board members include the following: 1. Enthusiasm about the YMCA and conviction about its purpose 2. Demonstrated interest in strengthening the community through the benefits the YMCA offers. 3. Ability to command community confidence and respect 4. Ability to assess information and make important decisions 5. Courage to state one’s view son important issues 6. Willingness to accept and support decisions democratically made 7. Unquestionable personal character 8. High standing among those in their profession; a respected community citizen 9. Ability to deal openly and directly with other board members when pleased or displease 10. Special skills, knowledge, and expertise that are needed for the term to be served.The personal responsibilities of a board member include the following: • Being a member of the YMCA and actively participating in its mission and programs • Attending board meetings, committee meetings as assigned, training sessions, and special meetings as appropriate. • Understanding and believing in the YMCA-its mission, goals, methods, objectives, programs and procedures. • Making decisions on issues, policies, goals, and objectives based on careful consideration of the facts and all relevant data. • Keeping informed and knowing what is going on in the organization, never hesitating to ask questions or request information. • Giving fully and enthusiastically of time, talents, and treasures. • Adhering to the Ten Basic Responsibilities of Board of Directors. • Soliciting funds, contributing funds personally, and participating in fundraising events by opening doors to others to contribute and raise funds, including, but not limited to: o Help raise a minimum of $2,500 including, but not limited to a $1,000 personal gift. o Providing at least three Annual Fund prospects each year from the board member’s personal and/or professional network. • The Governance Committee will contact board members who are not meeting board member expectations.
On-boardingMeet with CEO, Governance Chair and Board Chair.Tour of several YMCA locationsBoard ManualCommittee Engagement
Our missionOur impact is felt every day through our mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.
Children, Education, Life Skills, Social Justice & Equality