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Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank

1615 Republic St Cincinnati, OH 45202-6464
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Board Member

Our boardOur board is a working board with several standing committees that is an integral part of growing and guiding a young organization. The goal of the board is to ensure Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank has adequate resources and expertise for the organization to fulfill its mission. The Board that every Board Member must show good faith acceptance of board responsibilities and commitment to the Board’s excellence. The Board governs with one voice through written polices, emphasizing strategic leadership and focusing on long-term goals.
PositionSweet Cheeks Diaper Bank is looking to expand our board by a number of individuals. We are seeking enthusiastic, dedicated potential candidates especially those with prior board experience.
Desired skills
WhenTypically the second Wednesday of the Month
WhereCurrently downtown but moving to Northside later this year.
Commitment3 to 5 hours/month
DonationWe strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
Requirements*Must attend most board meetings. *Make a personal financial commitment according to your means *Financially support at least one Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank event *Develop resources for Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank in one or more of the following ways: seek gifts in kind, recruit at least one donor, network with other community resources. *Attend annual retreat *Participate in at least one committee *Help with warehouse distribution support several times a year
On-boardingWe typically have a phone call with our governance committee chair, board chair and CEO. Attendance at a board meeting prior to acceptance is also required. Our onboarding process is being developed, but would include a tour of our facilities and review of key documents.
Our missionSweet Cheeks Diaper Bank partners with local social service agencies to provide free diapers to low-income families while raising awareness of the basic health need for diapers. Our vision is to eliminate the existence of diaper need in our community so that ALL babies have a chance to be healthy, happy, and safe.
Children, Health, Poverty