Board Member
Cornerstone Renter Equity

1641 Vine Street, Cincinnati
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Board Member

Our boardCornerstone Renter Equity has a working board who extend the agencies capacity to serve by volunteering time and efforts to support the mission of the agency.  The Agency mission is as follows:  We are a community oriented partner providing a customized, family centered approach to asset building and personal growth.  We depend on the board to assist in guiding operations, and promoting the mission through philanthropy, volunteering, and lending expertise.  The board is diverse in skill sets, ages, and backgrounds.  We continue to strive for more diversity to further the work we do in the community.
PositionBoard members provide guidance and oversight for the agency.
Desired skills
Board, Branding, Communications, Digital Marketing, Diversity/Inclusion, Fundraising, Human Resources, Marketing, Strategy Consulting
Commitment1 to 3 hours/month
DonationWe strive for 100% board giving, but have no strict guidelines around financial contributions.
  • I will participate in a majority of the meetings of the Board of Directors within each calendar year.
  • I will participate in the work of at least one Board committee.
  • I will make an annual personal financial contribution directly to the organization in an amount that is meaningful to me.
  • I will attend and/or support public events of Cornerstone Renter Equity, Inc.
  • In the spirit of building upon development efforts of the Cornerstone Renter Equity, Inc, I will serve as an ambassador by introducing potential partners and donors to the work of the Cornerstone. I will participate in one of the following development activities: direct solicitation of gifts, speaker’s bureau or the thanking of donors for their gifts.
  • I will respect at all times the confidentiality of all discussions at Board and committee meetings and refrain from making any disclosures to third parties of sensitive information addressed in any of those meetings.
On-boardingThe board members are on boarded by the Board chair and Executive Director through a series of meetings designed to introduce board member to the organization and its mission. All board members spend some time on the Renter Equity Committee first to ensure they gain a deeper understanding of the program and how it functions.
Our missionImproving lives and communities through housing, supportive services and Renter Equity®.
Life Skills, Poverty