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Board Member

Our boardThe Envision Children Board is comprised of 12 members. We are expanding that total to 15 in 2019. Board members may serve two 3-year terms before they are required to roll off for at least one year. Board members are reviewed annually by the Board Governance Committee to determine if they have fulfilled the requirements outlined on the Board Roles and Responsibilities Sheet. Board Committees include: Executive, Governance, Finance, Marketing and Fundraising. Fundraising is further divided into Events (Lighting the Way and Red Carpet) and the African American Families for Educational Excellence and Committee of 45. Our the Board currently has 11 members: 6 Women and 5 Men; 8 African Americans, one Latino and two Asians.
PositionTHIS POSITION DESCRIPTION IS FOR A NON-TERM BOARD MEMBER ONLYPlease see our other Board Member position description if you are looking to become a regular term member of the Board.
  1. Non-Term Board members are invited to quarterly Board meeting, but are not required to attend.
  2. Non-Term Board members may serve on committees, but are not required to do so.
  3. Non-term Board members are asked to support the Board Roles and Responsibilities, but are not reviewed annually by the governance committee
Non-Term Board members are asked to contribute at least $10,000 to the organization annually and to help raise at least $10,000 annually.  Non-Term Board Members primary responsibility is bringing in money to support the mission of the organization.
Desired skills
Business Development, Fundraising*
WhenQuarterly, Plus one Board Retreat. Regular Meeting 6-7:30 p.m.
Where8 Enfield Street, Cincinnati OH 45218 (Envision Children Office)
Commitment1 to 3 hours/month
DonationWe require a specific amount of “give or get” for all board members.
RequirementsBOARD MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIESTO THE ORGANIZATION1. Believe in and support the vision, mission and leadership of Envision Children. 2. Attend quarterly Board meetings and the Annual Board Retreat (January) 3. Actively serve on at least one committee (Governance, Finance, Fundraising, Marketing, Strategic Planning & Education). 4. Make Envision Children a priority among your volunteer commitments. 5. Provide advice, counsel and support as needed to the organization staff and Board leadership.TO FINANCIAL SUPPORT1. Make tangible contributions that reflect a thoughtful understanding of the organization’s financial needs and a serious commitment to its fiscal viability. Recognize that Board giving sets an example for the rest of the community to follow. For the current fiscal year, Board President Al Riddick has asked all Board members to consider joining him in making a minimum gift of at least $500 to the annual fund. 2. Support and attend Casino Night (October 25, 2019). Invite at least 16 people to the event at $100 per ticket. Distribute coupons to people promoting the event. 3. Support and attend the Lighting the Way event (April 11, 2020). Invite at least 16 people to the event at $65 per ticket. Donate or help to acquire two items for the silent or live auction. 4. Actively assist in accessing other individuals, companies/corporations and foundation prospects. Secure a minimum of $10,000 in support of one of Envision Children’s events, programs or the general fund of the organization.TO AMBASSADORSHIP1. Be a positive advocate for Envision Children in the areas in which you live, work and volunteer. 2. Promote the awareness of, interest in and involvement with the organization. 3. Use your personal talents to move forward the mission of the organization.
On-boardingProspective Board members first meet with the Executive Director to learn more about the organization and to review the Board Roles and Responsibilities. Candidates are provided a board meeting schedule, list of members and their companies, the Board R&R Sheet, and basic information on the organization. IIf the candidate would like to proceed they are asked to fill out a two page information sheet which helps provided the Board Governance Committee with more information on who they are, how they are involved in the community and what skills and strengths they feel they would add to the Board. The Board Governance Committee begins review the application.A personal meeting is then scheduled with the Board President (usually accompanied by the Executive Director)..If those steps result in both parties deciding to move forward the Board Candidate is proposed to the full Board for a vote.If the candidate is successfully voted onto the Board, the Executive Director will contact her/him. At that time the ED will schedule a face to face meeting to talk about how the new Board member would like to begin working with the organization. A New Board Packet will be provided to the new member and during the meeting there will be time to talk about the packet and ask questions.Starting in the Fall of 2019, ALL new Board members will be paired with a current Board members to help acclimate them to Envision Children. The current Board members will help the new Board member prepare for the next meeting and help them to understand how the organization operates (Financial Overview, Program Overview & Engagement Plan)
Our missionTo provide under-served students with supplemental educational instruction in science, technology, engineering, math, reading and critical thinking that will allow them to excel academically.
Arts & Culture, Children, Education